RENANDGROUP’s business; from personal, portfolio to the family trust; deploys capital investment for residential and commercial property opportunities, as a long-term progressive approach, both to grow and protect its wealth.

Working with various agencies and network of private contacts, we source and acquire properties from across the market. A major part of our business is the effort put into finding properties that become available through corporations, private individuals, lawyers, architects, surveyors, agents, housing associations and other entities.

As Landlords, we recognise the need to acquire properties for good quality housing at affordable rents, and as investors and developers, we are actively seeking the right type of properties to add to our growing portfolios.

Assets selected and acquired are in accordance with the potential returns supported by the use of market data. While acting independently, we may consider several properties, and select only those that surpass our own buying criteria that we believe will out-perform the market as a whole.

Not only do we uncover deals that are on the market, but also off-market opportunities located within the M25 of London.

We preview all options and analyse the physical suitability of each property and the potential price at which it could be acquired in relation to market sales and rents.

The types of buildings we acquire are ‘vanilla’ investments or buildings with upside development potential:

  • Multi-unit residential blocks
  • Mix-use commercial with residential upper floors
  • Single-family homes
  • Ex local authority flats
  • Private sector apartments and maisonettes
  • Residential and commercial buildings ready for development

Asset Maximisation and Management

As well as locating and acquiring assets, our continued management and letting of properties within our portfolios, are maintained in order to keep asset performance at optimal level.

We carefully select specific agencies and professional advisors to handle all aspects of our business. From the letting of each property to maximising growth, each service provider follows a clear instruction to persistently review, and ensure all procedures; tenancies and regulatory compliance requirements are maintained.

All management and lettings are undertaken in order to out-perform the markets in which they are located, whilst protecting against any risk. We look to enhance our asset values through quality refurbishments and planning consents in agreement with each planned investment strategy.