We are a property investment and development property group of entities, which are family-controlled and independent.

As a family-controlled business, we are not constrained by short-term thinking and have a long-term perspective based on private ownership. Our objectivity means, our interests are aligned with those of developing our portfolios to achieve excellent returns and to out-perform the economic indices, whatever the market conditions, within a controlled level of risk.

RENANDGROUP has progressively grown and enhanced its resources to acquire property without necessarily being dependent on any financial institution.


Our business and other activities are managed according to a consistent set of values.

Each entity aims to be a success based on competitiveness, reliability and foresight. We work hard to recognise and respond to our responsibilities as a corporate citizen in all areas of our dealings.

We aim to build on the knowledge and experience of the past to enable us to improve, innovate and advance forward.

We associate with the most skilled individuals, from a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures and experiences. This diversity assists us to consider all viewpoints that enable us to run our business more resourcefully. Each individual is a vital link in our goals, contributing to our Group’s management and professional contacts while are deployed to the benefit of our growing portfolios.

Group Information

The Family Discretionary Trust

Renand Properties Ltd
Registered in England & Wales
Company Registration No. 3446955

Renand Residential LLP
Registered in England & Wales
Company Registration No. OC323872

Registered Office

44 The Pantiles
Tunbridge Wells