There is an efficient General Enquiry and Report a Repair system that better serves all our Tenants and Operations Service Providers.

We are always open and ready to consider new property acquisition offers, numerous tradespersons or other ancillary service provider’s services relevant to our business. Anyone can make an enquiry or provide a proposal by contacting us via email.

The Landlord cannot be responsible if the Tenant fails to report by email (including full name, address, email and mobile number); all property repairs, tradesperson delays or any other Tenant concerns promptly to

If there is an out of office hours or urgent only property repair, the Tenant must also report it to their Original Letting Agent. Out of office hours property repairs will only be dealt with where there is a risk to the safety and security of a resident, general public or the property if the work is not carried out immediately. If it is found that the issue could have been dealt with during normal offices hours the tenant will be charged the full cost plus an administration charge. The Landlord’s office hours are Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm.

  • General Enquiries & Report a Property Repair:
  • Out of Hours Urgent (Non Property Repairs) Enquiries: SMS Text Message to 078 12345678
  • Out of Hours Urgent Only Repairs: Contact your letting agent or check your tenancy agreement
  • Emergency Gas: National Grid 0800 111 999
  • Outside Flood: Thames Water 0800 316 9800

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